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Texas Hands and Voices Family Weekend Retreat INFO

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Family Weekend Retreat 2020 will be virtual! And it’s free!

While we are disappointed we can’t be together in person, we hope that our sessions and discussion groups will still help families to feel connected and provide some new learning opportunities.

Our presenters will pre-record their sessions and we will post them in an online forum (with ASL interpreting as well as English and Spanish captions).  We will also include a written discussion section for each presentation where you can ask questions and discuss the topic together for a limited amount of time. This will also allow you to watch on your own time when you’re able.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

If you did not previously register for FWR 2020 but are interested, please fill out this so that you will be able to receive information on how to log in.


SLS COVID-19 Response:

We here at SLS highly value communication access. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected all of our lives. We are responding to these changes by maximizing safety while still prioritizing effective communication. We are happy to announce that SLS has adopted Virtual Video Interpreting (VVI) services. VVI services are available anywhere there is internet access, and in any setting where an interpreter is needed, such as school, court, hospital, doctor’s office, etc.

To all in our communities, we wish you to stay at home whenever possible, stay healthy, and stay safe! While we are still offering in-person interpreters as a last resort at this time, we want to partner with you in adhering to social distancing, and other suggested safe work practices. In this way we can all limit the risk to ourselves, to those in our households, and to those we work with. It is our sincere hope that we can successfully navigate this crisis together.

Let us provide you with interpreters for your SAFE appointments! Please click the tab and request further information on our VVI services.